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Moving, woo!


Moving. Not far, mind, just to a different apartment in the complex. A bigger, awesomer apartment. With a yarn room.

Super overwhelmed! Lots of packing to do! Using exclamation points!


It’s done!


We’ moved all my stuff from Chicago to St. Petersburg this weekend. I drove over 1,500 miles in 4 days. Up and down mountains. Across the sucktasticness that is Indiana… twice. I am a rock star.

It’s all here now and I slept for 11 hours after having been awake for about 40. I have so much unpacking to do, but I can hardly rustle up the energy to move my arms, let alone anything else. I did get the bikes locked to the balcony, so they’re out of the living room, which is nice.

More later, but I can’t think straight.