How to have a good dinner.


Walk to nearest supermercado.
Hit proprietor with door upon entrance.
Purchase flour tortillas, 1 medium spanish onion, 2 anemic looking roma tomatoes, fresh cilantro, salsa verde, and mexican “quesadilla” cheese.
Jokingly invite proprietor over for quesadillas, and get slightly weirded out when he offers to drive you home.
Decline said offer.
Walk to liquor store and buy cheap beer. Ideally Corona, but then realizing you don’t have any lime and don’t feel like going back to the supermercado, opt for High Life. It is, after all, the Champagne of Beers.
Walk home. Realize that even though the temperature is 58F, it’s probably not quite warm enough to be wearing a skirt and flip flops.
Be slightly mystified by people wearing parkas, scarves, and gloves as you pass them on your street.

At this point, avoid taking last night’s antibiotic pill with this morning’s antibiotic pill. It’ll save you a trip to nauseaville and it’s sister city of taking a nap on the bathroom flooropolis.
Wake up and clean up.

Dice tomato and onion.
Tear up cilantro.
Grate the cheese.
Heat a skillet over medium heat until it feels hot when you stick your hand over it.
Place one tortilla in the skillet. Top with tomato, onion, cilantro and a generous amount of cheese. Cover with a second tortilla.
Heat until the cheese is melty, then flip it.
Turn out onto a cutting board, then cut it into quarters.
Serve with salsa verde and beer.


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