Something to drink about…


…erm, think about. 

If Only Beer Liked Women from

I didn’t know that we made up 25% of the beer drinking market. But I did know that it always has bothered me that beer advertisements were so damned sexist.


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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.

    Speaking of which, so far as imperial stout’s go, Avery’s The Czar is a damn fine, albeit exceptionally dark and heavy one. I couldn’t have finished the entire bottle had I eaten in the previous 9 hours. Fucker’s strong, too, at 11.72% alcohol.

  2. This is only the second I’ve managed to finish an entire bottle of, the first being Flying Dog’s Gonzo Imperial Stout.

  3. I didn’t know we only made up 25% of the beer market.

    I had a douchebag ex-boyfriend who didn’t drink beer and was always “surprised” when I ordered beer. He always said to me, “you don’t seem like a beer-drinking kind of woman.” I guess maybe he was saying that because I’m not butch? Whatever.

  4. Amanda: I don’t know why it surprised me that 25% seemed large. Probably because the only stuff that gets hardcore marketed to us is like, Arbor Mist and … erm, Arbor Mist. I can’t recall seeing a wine cooler commercial in years. Not since Ringo Starr shilled for Bartles and James or whomever that was. He stopped when he got clean, and understandably so. What recovering alcoholic sells (and feels good about selling) booze?

    Anyway, beer. I think that there’s a misconception (obviously) about beer drinking women, and it’s that they’re all NASCAR watching rednecks. Because all the “cool” girls are out with their girlfriends drinking Cosmos or whatever other fruit flavored bastardization of a martini is en vogue at the moment.

    Or -shuddering- white zinfandel.

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