Yeah. I feel crappy today. I’m kinda pre-menstrual, plus I think I’m starting Die Off number 2. I’ve been mostly on the regimen for the last week, so… hooray. I wish this shit would just hurry up and be over. I’m tired of the food drama. It takes me ages to shop. Hate it. -whine, whine-

And I’m not looking forward to rehearsal tonight at all. I’m tired. And crabby. And bloaty. And whiny. I’ll be fine once we get started, I’m sure, but still. Right now? Don’t feel like going.

In happier, less whiny news: Today I purchased a mate gourd and bombilla for yerba mate. And that’s exciting. I had some this morning, but apparently made it all wrong. Oh well. It was still good.

I’m about to leave work, so… that’s it for now!


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