Sing us a new song


Nothing new to report in the health arena.

Of course, my mobile phone ringer has been turned off, and there’s a slight possibility that in the last twenty eight minutes someone from the office has called, but I’m in no rush to get up and check. I mean, I do want to know, but I need a deep breath first.

Speaking of deep breaths, or the lack there of, the bronchitis is making me absolutely miserable. I can hardly go more than three breaths without coughing. I noticed that we’re past the expiration date on the inhaler I was using, so I crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t need special doctor permission to get the remaining refill refilled, and thank goodness, I don’t. So I placed the order with Walgreens and barring disaster, should have a new one that works around eleven am. I have been using the old one and it’s not worked at all, even right after using it. Hopefully this new one will work. Because if it doesn’t, I’m disowning my lungs.

There’s little else of any real interest to say. I worked both Saturday and Sunday, which I haven’t done in five years. So that was… something, I guess. Fortunately, we’re off for President’s day, so that’s nice.



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  1. Hi! I was at one of the final weekends of the Berghoff Restaurant… It was cool. I will be at Joe’s on Weed Street next Saturday! I just thought you should know!

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