Health Update


Had an ultrasound on my kidneys and liver yesterday. Why the liver? I don’t know. It was what the doctor had ordered and now ‘liver’ has been added to the things I’m freaking the fuck out about.

I have no idea what the ultrasound showed, if anything. The technician, dressed in pinstriped pants and a Cosby swetTAH! said nothing, so now I’m sitting, staring at the phone going, “Ring! Ring you fucker!”

I had a wicked bad UTI in October of 2001, that I had waited and waited to go to the Doctor about because 1, my best friend/roommate had just moved out with ZERO warning. 2, 9/11 had just happened and 3, I was visiting friends in LA when I figured out what was going on and didn’t have time to go to a doctor when I was out there. The doctor was angry with me for waiting so long and he said the infection could have gotten up into my kidneys. So now I’m afraid that even though I did go on medication to fix the UTI that maybe some bacteria did find a way to sneak up into my kidneys, and it’s just been hanging out there having a grand old time… SINCE 2001. But then I’m not a doctor and therefore I have no idea as to whether or not that’s even remotely possible.

But what is making me absolutely, out of my mind crazy is not knowing.

The thyroid thing, I’m not worried about that.* It turns out my maternal grandmother has Hyperthyroidism and she just takes a pill everyday and that’s it. No big deal.

*Actually, I’m still super-worried about. I’m just trying to pretend that I’m not.

I’ll keep you all posted.


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  1. I haven’t had a chance to read blogs since Tuesday, so this is the first I’ve seen of this. I’m definitely thinking of you.

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