Please Don’t Eat Smelly Food.


This cracks me up. Not the whole outraged Italian piece, I can understand where that’s coming from. But the idea of having that sort of poster in the first place? Please don’t eat smelly food if you’re going on the Underground? That’s comedy gold.


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  1. There is a whole range of them. About playing loud music, putting your feet on the seat….

    The joys of London Underground, especially in the summer, all those people crammed into the carriages, sweating away…

  2. HRT says:
    I think the funniest comment in that whole article was: ““We considered this poster to be very offensive to the Italian image, Italian products and the Italian company that is clearly identified,” the Italian Embassy’s economic counselor Guido Cerboni told Reuters. “It is a caricature of Italians.”

    How can ANYone take a comment seriously made by an Italian economic counselor named Guido.

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