Holy Cow!


Get well soon, David.


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  1. Of course you don’t have to get over liking the Beatles. What a stupid thing to say. Kindly bear in mind I had a “frickin’ life” until you ruined it with your lies and cruelty. You are apparently proud of that. Good for you, but it doesn’t make you any less of a soul-less parasite. More, in fact.

    It’s a shame the rest of the the people who read this site don’t know you for what you are as I do, and know the details of the circumstances under which you moved here, and how you behaved afterwards. You tempt me sorely to inform them.

  2. In fact, knowing how easy it would be for me to burst your bubble, it’s exceptionally stupid of you to be deliberately provocative. But then, you’ve always been convinced you could do what you like, haven’t you?

    Be careful that your sins don’t find you out.

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