What to say?


It’s been such a busy month so far, that I just haven’t had to say. This weekend was fun, in that there was nothing we had to do. The first weekend of May, well, we got married. The second was just about everyone in Scruffy’s family’s birthday or anniversary or both, so we were down in Springfield celebrating. The third weekend I wasn’t home for half of, I was finishing up the conference downtown and then sleeping through most of Sunday. We did make a Target run, in which I got the most excellent Samurai Jack game, but that was about it. This weekend we just did a bunch of nothing in varying locations. Saturday we did some light shopping and had lunch out in Northbrook, and mostly just hung out. Sunday we checked out the Skokie Festival of Cultures and had some fabulous Polish food for breakfast. Mostly we just hung around the house, doing some much needed organizing of things. Nothing particularly strenuous… it was nice.


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