Die Internet ist verboten.


So apparently we all here in the office have been abusing our internet privledges. As a result, we’re all being monitored on usage and sites and crap, which is fine, I guess, but crappy because I can multitask and I don’t necessarily have 7.5 solid hours worth of things to do everyday, and I can’t really leave because then I don’t get paid, y’know?

Anyway, that’s why I’ve not updated at all this week. I had Monday off, for President’s Day and I did a big spring clean and things, woo, big fun there, and I’ve been out every night since, including tonight, so I haven’t had any time/motivation to update at home. I’m using the Mail-to feature of Blogger to get this out. Just some cutting and pasting and almost no time spent online keeps me from getting fired. And that’s a good thing. Besides, my last day is May 31st. Let’s not rush things, eh?

So let’s see… what’s happened since V-D? Well, that night Scruffy and I went out for sushi, then to see Menthol and Duvall. I highly recommend both, and I’ll link them later (most likely on Saturday). Both put on fantastic shows and sounded great and the Bottom Lounge is a lot bigger then either Scruffy or I expected. Also, on Wednesday (the 11th) I had a massive allergic reaction to something from McDonald’s. It was scary.

I knitted like crazy over the weekend. I made another Kittyville hat from the Stitch ‘n Bitch book, which I believe I mentioned previously. I also made the cutest little cardigan for my boss’s new baby boy. It’s the Knitty.com Daisy sweater pattern, but I made the snakey one as opposed to the flowery one. It is too cute for words and there are pictures forthcoming. I’m in the process of making double knit mittens, and they’ll probably be done just in time for swimsuit season. Joy. But they’re blue and black and the yarn is a blend of cotton, acrylic, mohair and nylon. It’s kind of strange to work with, but not gawdawful. I promise that I’ll finish the bikini too, but I’m not promising pictures. I’m also almost finished with one of the Elegant Gauntlets from the Knitting Experience: the Purl Stitch book. It’s in gorgeous Koigu KPPPM, with pinks and a touch of orange in there. Very springy.

Nothing all that fabulously interesting has happened. We practiced with H., went out, I did a bunch of cleaning and straightening and organizing and that’s about it. I’m not particularly exciting, I guess. Tonight we’re going with a couple of friends to see the Suicide Girls Live!, and that should be interesting. Apparently a friend of E‘s is going as well, but I have no idea what he looks like, so it’s not like we’ll be hooking up there or anything.

My hair looks cute today, and I’m wearing new shoes.

E doesn’t like my candy heart. Boo hoo.

I want to write an anti-love song called I need you like my Honda needs a spoiler. Have you noticed all the Honda Civics all tricked out like it’s 1999? It’s kind of hysterically funny and really sad. It’s a Civic, kids. Maybe this is just a Chicago phenomenon. I don’t know. Anyone? Bueller?

I need more caffeine.

I ate chicken nuggets for lunch.

I like what I’m doing for work now. It’s slightly more administrative, and I get to have more contact in a pleasant way with our constituents. I have yet to have a nasty call from someone and that makes me happy. I’m almost over my phone phobia, as well. I can almost leave an intelligble message for someone. When I’m live I stumble on my tongue a bit, and there’s lots of “What I mean to say is…” but each call gets better and better. So that’s cool.

I want a dog. I think it would be cool to have a dog and cats. We’re not allowed, thought, to have puppydawgs in our apartment building. Which is too bad. I wouldn’t want to have a big doggie in our place, just something small, something not much bigger than say, an Cocker Spaniel. Maybe a little Yorkie. Heh… something smaller than the cats. That’s funny. The cats have been really sweet on each other lately. They keep curling up with each other on the easy chair and sleep with their feet all tangled together. It’s really adorable. Ringo turned 3 this month. I can’t believe he’s 3 years old already. He’s such a kitten still, but I guess he qualifies as an adult cat now…

I have to be here for another half hour. Yuck. I wish I could leave now, but I left early yesterday to do some shopping. They’re opening a new H&M on State Street. I was going to go there, because I thought it was already open, but it doesn’t open until noon on the 27th of this month. I went to Nordstrom Rack instead, and that place is dangerously close to becoming my new favourite store. Any place that’ll sell me a pair of shoes originally marked as $59 for $22 is all right with me. And yes, I know I have far too many shoes. I also think you should know I got rid of 4 pairs this week. I should have counted how many pairs I have when I was organizing them. Oops.

Today I got a big scary ominous looking manila envelope from the Department of Health and Human Services. I should preface this with “I very rarely get mail here at work (personal or work related), and when I do, it’s generally pretty important) So like I was saying, big scary ominous manila envelope. A big one, one of the big 9×12 ones. I was flipping out. Afraid to open it. Stared at it on my desk for about five minutes. When I finally opened it? It was just a batch of conference registrations, and a letter from a man I spoke with a week and a half ago. Ha. So funny.

I should probably wrap this up. It’s a ton of pointless rambling… peace out.


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