Pretty good weekend


Indeed it was. Saturday went well; we went out to dinner and to Dave and Buster’s, as I mentioned below. It was good and I won a little purple gorilla and that’s cool.

Sunday I spent the day in glorious dorkishness. In the morning I watched a History Channel special “The True Story of Killing Pablo” (from their website)

An exploration of the criminal life of Pablo Escobar that culminated in the largest manhunt in history and the controversial 1993 killing of Escobar on a rooftop in Medellin, Colombia. Based on his book “Killing Pablo: The Hunt for the World’s Greatest Outlaw”, author Mark Bowden anchors the program, guiding us through pivotal moments of Escobar’s life and sharing startling revelations he uncovered during the research for his book. Features interviews with key officials of Colombia and the U.S.

Which in and of itself is not so dorky; the fact that this is the fourth time I’ve watched it makes it so. Make it so, indeed.

Which brings me along to the afternoon I spent watching Star Trek: The Next Generation (see, nice segue, right?) And even worse is that I was able to tell by the little pre-credits scene whether or not I’ve seen the episode before *sigh* I used to be cool, honest.

During that, I knit a winter hat on the fabulous new Denise Knitting Needles that Scruffy got me for my birthday. Then I kind of can’t remember what happened. Lots of tv, really. We caught up on the two episodes of ’24’ that we were behind on, then watched Samurai Jack and Adult Swim. So that was my fantasically productive day. (I did laundry, so there. It wasn’t a total blow-off day)

Today has been pretty uneventful. I’ve got a dentist appointment at three. I’m having a cleaning and a filling and the bonding on one of my front teeth replaced. So exciting!

Oh! And Friday, I got my hair cut, and it is short. No, I know it was like Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby short already, but we’re talking really, really, really short. Short short short. The longest piece of hair on my head is an inch and a half long. Maybe two inches at the very most…est? I didn’t mean to have it go so short; it looked longer when I was watching her chop it. I haven’t had hair this short since the seventh grade, and i think it wasn’t even this short then. The back was cut closer, maybe, but the top was longer, for sure. I’m having a hard time rectifying my mental picture of me to the new mirror picture of me. I was already confused because of the contacts vs. glasses thing, and now I’m even more confused. Joy.


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