kitchen adventures


The other night I was pretty hungry and in a comfort food wantin’ kind of mood and had a craving for garlic, as well. I figured adding garlic to a box of mac’n’cheese would be rather nasty so I was going to go to the grocery store and get a jar of ready-made alfredo sauce or something to that effect and doctor it. Then I thought, “hey, I’m pretty sauce-proficient, I’m pretty sure I can make some sort of garlic-y white sauce on my own. I’ve got milk, I’ve got flour and butter… and I could wing it, but I think I’ll consult the BHG cookbook, and see if there’s some recipe for alfredo sauce or whatever and take out the bits I need.” So I turned to the sauce section and sure enough the very first recipe is basic white sauce, made from milk, flour and butter. So I was happy and danced around the kitchen a little before starting. Then I assembled my ingrediants, (the jar of minced garlic, the proper amounts of flour, butter and milk, the salt and pepper) and set a pot of water to boil for the fettucine noodles. P was in the process of doctoring up a creamy artichoke sauce that I’d kind of destroyed the other night, and since our kitchen is the size of a shoebox, I decided to get out of there for a bit, let him cook, let the water boil, then I’d come back. So I did just that. I cooked 87 cloves of garlic in the butter, added the flour and milked and cooked the sauce til it became a sauce, and then tasted it and it was kind of bland. Garlic-y and creamy and saucy and good, but it still needed a kick. So I said to P, who was finishing up his dinner, do we have any cayenne pepper? He answered by handing me the bottle of cayenne. I twisted the lid off and said “hey, watch this” and went “BAM!” and shook the bottle into the pan. Then a look of abject horror crossed my face as I noticed I dumped about a tablespoon of cayenne pepper into my sauce.

Me: Ohwowthat’salot.

Him: Yeah. Way to go Emeril.

At this point we both lost it and stood there laughing our heads off for about five minutes.

Ain’t cooking grand?


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