i feel so random. is that possible? i don’t know. nor do i particularly care if it’s possible to feel it at all. but if it is, i do.

i got really really tired all of a sudden and i don’t know why.

i’d like to go home and have a nap right now but i’m here for another couple of hours.

i want to write my brother but i don’t know what to say to him.

i wish i knew where the charger for my camera battery was.

i wish the purple sweater i made wasn’t ginormous and i could wear it without swimming in it.

i want to not be thirsty all the time no matter how much water i drink.

i want a bigger kitchen and a hood exhaust fan thingy.

i want my cats to change their own litter box.

i watched the lion king yesterday and it was good.

i got this from a friend and so i’m filling it in here.


name: Jenn

nickname/stagename: schecki

birth date: the elevendy-seventh of octember

birthplace: warren, michigan

current location: werk

eye colour: hazel

hair colour: brown

height: five ten and a half

righty or lefty: righty but i shoot left in hockey


your heritage: primarily german with a bit of irish and english thrown in

the shoes you wore today: black chuck taylor low tops

your weakness: more than i care to think about

your fears: more than i care to think about

your perfect pizza: spinach and artichoke

goal you’d like to achieve: finishing a knitting project


your thoughts on first waking up: it’s all floaty, y’know?

your bedtime: i usually fall asleep towards the end of Conan unless he’s got a good musical guest

your most missed memory: i can’t remember, which is why i miss it


pepsi or coke: neither, but vanilla pepsi is just lovely

mcdonald’s or burger king: bk. whoppers rule.

chocolate or vanilla: depends

cappuccino or coffee: depends


do you…

smoke: nope

cuss: what the fuck do you think?

sing: all the time but it’s embarrassing at work when i think noone’s listening but they are

take a shower everyday: almost everyday

think you’ve been in love: yes. and i am.

want to go to college: sometimes

believe in yourself: sometimes

get motion sickness: sometimes and i get carsick sometimes too

think you’re attractive: every once in a while

think you’re a health freak: absolutely not

get along with your parents: yes, very well

like thunderstorms: love ’em

play an instrument: bassoon, bass guitar, a bit of keyboards, i’m sort of learning guitar…


in the past month have you…

got drunk: yes

smoked: no

done a drug: no

had sex: 😉

made out: a lady never tells

gone on a date: erm, not really.

eaten sushi: no, but i did the month before

been dumped: no

gone skating: no.

made cookies: no but i made biscuits last night.

gone skinnydipping: too cold.

dyed your hair: no, but i cut it.

stolen anything: some air.



played a game that involved removal of clothing? no

been trashed or extremely intoxicated? yes

been caught “doing something”? is that like making whoopee?

got beaten up? no.

changed who you were to fit in? not changed so much as repressed things


-I skipped a bunch of this because it was silly-

how do you want to die: painlessly

what do you want to be when you grow up: a monkey

what country would you most like to visit: france, italy, japan


-I’m skipping this entirely because it’s so corny-


# of drugs taken illegally: none

# of people I could trust with my life: no idea. never really thought about it

# of CDs that I own: lots.

# of piercings: 3 that work 2 that don’t

# of tattoos: 1

# of scars on my body: it’s a bit morbid to count scars

# of things in my past that I regret: nothing that i can think of.


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