Why’m I so damn talkative today?


Hmm? It’s like that commercial for the woman with the medical response necklace thing where she’s all “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,” only I’m saying “I’m talking and I can’t shut up.”

It’s disturbing me.

So my mom and I are doing some geneographical (is that a word? Well it is now, beeotch) research, and it turns out that almost all of my relatives/ancestors are from Germany. Even the ones I though were Irish. See, I’d always thought that we were like 40% Irish, 40% German and 20% English and other Europeany types. And I’d always gravitated towards being Irish as opposed to German. Not because there’s anything wrong with Germans, but the Irish seem so much more romatic. And it’s funny because I’m even more German that Scruffy is, and he’s got a German last name! (which is the same as that of my Great-Great-Great Grandmother’s Maiden name, kinky!) So now I’m feeling a bit conflicted. I realise how inane it is, and it’s not like it has any real bearing on my day to day life, but it’s bothering me anyway.


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